I am originally from NY. I have been around photography off and on as a hobby since I was a kid. Yes I was the kid taking pictures of butterflies in bikinis and bumble bees in glamorous poses. HAHA. Now I shoot with and am hired by the most beautiful women in the world. I am also one of the most published photographers in the industry today and shoot for many of the top magazines including FIGHTERS ONLY, FIGHT, UFC, ULTIMATE MMA, THE RING, FHM, MAXIM, WORLD OF FIREPOWER, AMERICAN SURVIVAL GUIDE, and many anymore. Why? Because I understand how to capture images of beauty in a way that are not only glamorous, but also appealing to what most people find sexy, sensual and sultry and still classy. My work is not cookie cutter and pleases the eyes of anyone who has seen it. My work and the images I create are a tribute to the beauty of the face. It is simple. If you shoot the face beautifully, then everything else will follow.

My Shooting Philosophy from day one: I look to shoot very glamorous images that show a woman’s sensuality. I think the imagination is a wonderful but sort of lost brain function in today’s world. When I see a Frederick’s of Hollywood or Victoria Secrets catalog I think that is tasteful and respectful to a woman’s beauty, but very glamorous. I hope to always make images that appeal to all the viewer’s senses. Sensual, Sexy and Vivid images that make the model and viewer smile. Whether it be in a business suit, lingerie or anywhere in between my goal is to make beautiful images that the model is proud of.

I hope that you enjoy your visit to my world of beauty. My work is all about creating amazing memories, images that make a lasting impression and that always please my most important critics…the models and clients who hire me.

All the best,

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Dave Alan

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